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Cash Register Credit Card
Interface Tips
Interfacing your credit card payments with your cash register is easier then you may think. Cash Register Credit
Card Interface used to be rare and expensive but now it is both affordable and withing reach of the average small
business. This allows you to take advantage of technology only the big boys could leverage in years past.

When you interface credit card payments and your cash register you have just taken steps to make yourself more
money. How are you going to make more money you may ask? Well the first why is very simple. Before you interface
the cash register and credit card payments you would have to ring up your sale on the cash register, press subtotal,
now the customer informs you that he/she would like to pay with a credit card. Now you have to remember the sale
total and re-key that amount into the credit card machine, then after the transaction approves you must go back to
the register and key the amount into the payment key! You had to key that amount twice and press many buttons
leaving open the opportunity to mis-key in a an amount costing you money! Not to mention all the time you just
wasted re-keying in the same data.

If your cash register was interfaced to credit card you would have simply rang up the sale, press subtotal, press the
credit card payment key swipe the card on the cash register, the credit card draft prints right on the register tape
and that is it! You did not have to re-key the amount over and over, you could not mis-key in the wrong amount, and
this method is much faster then stand alone methods.

There are several places that offer this technology at very affordable prices with great customer services. Find out
more by clicking on of the following links

Cash Register Credit Card Interface

Credit Card and Cash Register Interface

Credit Card Payment interface to Cash Registers

Any of the above companies can help you interface your register with credit card payments. Again this will allow you
to leverage technology only available to the big boys for a long time!
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